How Was She?


Thrown away 

We couldn't kiss 

Missing lips 

Chapped forms to 

Melting greys

Misting missed me 

Fallen face mud stained skin 

Listening in 

Whilst I keep forcing you under 


Words ache 

Inking hands keep on dulling our 

Parteds wake 

Sleeps movies filling needles 

We're people 

We're feeble 

We all keep stalling 

Appalling in mourning 



How was she

Fold my palm up 

Peppered with rust 

How was she 

Could you feel us 

Aching healed touch 


Welding shade

Taut skin coppering 

Mixed warmth in 

Fazed days 

Hold fast whilst we last

I think you arranged

For everything to settle in 


I don't want to be a 

Second best 

Scored and consequence 

There's a hesitance 


(Lots of DADADADOOOOO-ing)


Chorus x2 


Won't take long to pass this up 

Bodies weep we count them off 

On our fingers, you and dearest drinking from a plastic cup

Melt it from our burning palm

Fitting people in placebo 

Filtering our wilted form

Find circles in our minded thoughts 

Then you bled him and fed him a question you begged him 

I fault every spoken kiss 

Containing shipments of our whispers 

Difference holding nailed in mist 

Forced a hanging from our lips